Visit Balsam and you’ll run into a caring, fun-loving and grounded group of people. We love what we do and do what we love. Our people values have been a constant since the early days and has resulted in a one-of-a-kind culture.


Our leaders are passionate industry experts. We don’t have fancy offices or long-winded titles, but we do have laughter and humility in spades. We bring deep experience in our respective fields and plenty of ideas about areas we know nothing about!

Thomas Harman Thomas Harman


Thomas Harman

In 2006, Thomas founded our flagship Balsam Hill brand in his Palo Alto, CA apartment and coordinated a terrific group of partners that revolutionized the Christmas tree. Today, Thomas is privileged to work with an exceptional team of colleagues and partners around the world to lead the strategic direction of our products and our company. He retains his role as the lead designer of each of Balsam's Christmas trees, and travels the world in search of the finest products to share with our customers.

Thomas’ entrepreneurial passion surfaced at age three when he started a business selling dead tennis balls re-purposed as dog toys to neighbors from his trusty red Radio Flyer wagon. More recently, Thomas served for seven years as CEO of Progress Wire Products, in marketing for the Clorox Company, in business development for the Cleveland Clinic, and as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. Thomas has been named an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist and honored on the Silicon Valley "40 under 40" list. He is an angel investor, mentor, and board advisor to consumer product and ecommerce startups. He was named an Arjay Miller Scholar in Stanford’s MBA program and is a proud Purple Cow, holding an undergraduate degree from Williams College in Geosciences, Economics, and Environmental Studies. If granted a superpower, Thomas would choose the ability to heal. (The ability to create world class ski resorts with endless powder days would be a close second.) 

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COO & Brand Steward


Caroline joined Balsam Brands in 2007 in a Marketing-focused role and has played many different roles since then. Now, she oversees Operations, guides our brand direction and expression, and champions cross-functional decision-making and coordination. Working with the team to solve complex problems with simple solutions is one of her favorite things about her role.

Her professional career has included strategic planning and marketing roles for leading consumer brands at Levi Strauss & Company and as a consultant at Bain. She also has experience in the non-profit sector at The Bridgespan Group and YouthBuild USA. Caroline was an Arjay Miller Scholar in the Stanford MBA program and holds undergraduate degrees in Economics and Systems Applied Science from the University of Pennsylvania. If granted the superpower of her dreams, she would be morphing into all sorts of animals, vehicles, and other physical objects, emulating Plastic Man from the 70’s cartoon series (her childhood hero!). 

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CMO & Head of eCommerce


Kristen first focused on performance marketing in addition to a plethora of other initiatives. Kristen now oversees all marketing activities, eCommerce, assists with company strategy, and often makes chocolate chip banana bread for colleagues to enjoy (and sometimes her family and friends, too...).

If given a superpower, Kristen would probably want to have the ability to have unlimited superpowers - she likes having options. 

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Mike Rockwood Mike Rockwood

EVP of Finance

Mike Rockwood

Mike manages the finance, accounting, and treasury functions at Balsam; he counts the money, prepares the financial reports, and oversees our insurance and capital needs.

Mike is a Certified Public Accountant and before joining the Balsam team, worked as a senior manager for Deloitte & Touche. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Master in Professional Accounting and received a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Utah State University. If Mike could choose any superpower, he would replicate into 3 “Mikes” – 1 to play, 1 to work, and 1 to keep up with his 3 busy children. 

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Claire Magat Claire Magat

EVP of People & Strategic Projects

Claire Magat

Claire wears dozens of hats and loves them all. She began her career as a strategy consultant at Parthenon (now Ernst & Young), worked in Global Strategy at Starbucks and ran Operations at NutraBella and Beau-coup. She joined Balsam in 2012 and now oversees People Initiatives & Strategic Projects. She graduated from the Stanford MBA program and holds an undergraduate degree from Williams College in Political Economy. If given any superpower, Claire would choose breathing under water so she could swim with the fishes to the depths of the ocean. 

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Justin Curtis Justin Curtis

Creative Director

Justin Curtis

Justin comes to work in a t-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap almost every day. Somewhere along the line he was led to believe that this is how a creative person should dress. He is happiest when his team delivers integrated campaigns that are based on unique insights. Justin loves to learn, always asks the tough questions and admits that he is not the best ping pong player at Balsam. If he had a super power it would be something that would complement a bunch of other people's superpowers that would create a new universe/movie franchise. 

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Jen Derry Jen Derry

VP of Product Merchandising

Jen Derry

Jennifer is obsessed with great product so it is fitting that she leads our merchandising, sourcing and product development efforts. She has spent her career at lifestyle specialty retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch, Williams-Sonoma, and Restoration Hardware and is deeply passionate about building great brand experiences for customers. If she could have a super power, it would be to fly because a) how awesome would that be? And b) she could get to where she wants to be faster. 

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Bernie Leas Bernie Leas

VP of Operations

Bernie Leas

Bernie joined Balsam in 2011 and focuses on domestic operations and the Customer Success teams; ensuring that orders ship and arrive on-time by working with a great team and power-snacking on Cheetos (crunchy only). If given any superpower, Bernie would choose flying - long legs + coach seats = uncomfortable. 

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Hazlitt Noronha Hazlitt Noronha


Hazlitt Noronha

Hazlitt has years of global experience in building enterprise wide applications and communicating strategic direction to drive results. He began his career as Technical Consultant/Systems Analyst at Compaq Computers and later went on to build technology operations and development teams at major retailers - Michael Kors, New York & Company, Ann Inc (among others). Hazlitt joined Balsam in 2018 where he oversees the technology function. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering as well as various other technical/management certifications. If given any superpower, Hazlitt would choose to have the ability to move from one place to the other within seconds so that he could be at different places when desired... 

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Nat Roland Nat Roland

General Counsel

Nat Roland

Nat really enjoys being a dad, a lawyer, and an amateur at a whole lot of hobbies that don’t get much of his time. At Balsam, he oversees the legal function but tries to keep his “scary lawyer hat” tucked away for use on special occasions only. Prior to joining Balsam in 2014, Nat spent eleven years as a corporate/M&A lawyer in a law firm and, before that, clerked for Judge Alice Batchelder on the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. He received his law degree from the University of Virginia and BA from Williams College. If he had a superpower, Nat would be able to render and dispense justice perfectly (which would require a whole host of other super-cool superpowers). 

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Mike Shaughnessy Mike Shaughnessy

VP of Operations, Supply Chain, & Emerging Markets

Mike Shaughnessy

Mike spends his work time making sure that our boxes get to their homes around the world, whether it is a warehouse or a customer’s house. He has had multiple “careers” all relating to operations, from flying things that go fast, to running a manufacturing startup to his current role at Balsam. He has an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UMass, Amherst. If he could have any superpower, it would be the ability to teleport himself back to the top of a ski mountain without a lift. Especially on powder days! 

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Our team talent means everything to us—it shapes who we are and how we work. As we’ve grown, we have prioritized finding smart, passionate people who uphold our values and are fun to be around. We make no exceptions to this rule.

We are all different and yet united. Meet some of our team members below and see what makes them tick:

Rebecca Reich

Rebecca spends her days coordinating catalog and email activities and her nights coordinating her next road trip.


Just as she looks forward to the start of a new design project, Judy eagerly anticipates the start of each new day armed with caffeine and laughter.


Joanne is an energizer bunny. She has issues sitting still and doing nothing. Above all, she loves God and family with a passion.

Nikki Fernandez

Nikki's passion for customer service is only rivaled by her passion for adding to her extensive lipstick collection.


Chris is part of the Performance Marketing team. He is a man of few words and he only speaks when he is asleep.


Davin is a product sourcer and music geek. When he's not visiting factories, you can find him at a concert.

Jason Green

While Jason is hard at work in Operations, he is also working his way through the assortment of Balsam provided snacks!


Apart from managing websites, Joyce enjoys her Instagram feed of cute animal photos and trending #WabbitAdventures.


A Jack of All Trades in the office and in photo shoots, Krystiana's obsessions include working out and collecting Nutcrackers.

Dan Thelen

At Balsam, Dan works behind the scenes to ensure operational efficiency; out of office he performs on stage in musical theater productions.


Jaye loves swimming in the sea of orders. As a MedTech student, he watches classes on YouTube and avoids textbooks.


Michael grew up crunching numbers. He's also a big Chicago Cubs fan and will forever think, "next year is the year".


Joshua is a self-proclaimed Minister of Design. He bakes pictures, seasons them with creativity and serves 'em "hot".


Rice and video games are two of Kat's greatest loves. She's rarely seen without either when she's not busy making sure our marketing efforts are profitable.


Brad loves taking in a good concert and works the systems in the office, while his cats "work the system" at home...


Mon drives an F1 car in his sleep. When awake, he uses logic to solve technical issues and hangs out with the tech geeks.


Carl talks a lot about design stuff at work. After work, he watches Top Chef while eating big, beanless burritos.

Nate McClintock

Nate's two passions are Performance Marketing and Mario Kart. He's always driving conversions or driving karts.

mandy herrmann

Mandy fulfills our German quota, though she doesn't like beer. Paid marketing is only one of her specialties.


Balsam has offices worldwide, stretching from our original location in California's Bay Area all the way to the Philippines. We like using work as an excuse to travel to cool new places, so expect to see more cities pop up on this map as we grow!



Balsam is known for taking company trips to the Hawaiian Islands. Families are invited and there is no work allowed, only bonding on the beach, the pool and out to eat at great local eateries. We’ve hit Maui, Oahu and the Big Island. Where to next?


Was that a robot rounding that corner on one wheel? Balsam employees stay connected across the globe with eye level robots that roam the hallways and occasionally kick off a friendly footrace or game of soccer.


Was that a robot rounding that corner on one wheel? Balsam employees stay connected across the globe with eye level robots that roam the hallways and occasionally kick off a friendly footrace or game of soccer.


Our office comes alive daily with friendly games of foosball and—occasionally intense—ping pong. We always have a jigsaw puzzles going, for when we need a mental break.


From mixing and matching to our Daily Blends, we’re always looking for talented and fun individuals to join our colorful team.

contact us top image


From mixing and matching to our Daily Blends, we’re always looking for talented and fun individuals to join our colorful team.

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It just makes these difficult decisions so EASY when you have a team as committed, genuine, and optimistic as you all are. End Quote